If Not Now, When? (Part 2)


Earlier this week I confided in you,  about some of the changes going on in my life. I wrote about how I have separated from my boyfriend and how we have moved out of our home and moved into our own individual apartments. That alone is a lot of change. Being in a new space. Sleeping by yourself. Having to do everything on your own and not being able to rely on your partner is new and challenging. Half of my stuff is still in boxes. I don't feel settled, and there is still so much left to be done.

But that isn't everything.

Today is my last day at my job. And next week I will leave on an exciting and slightly terrifying adventure of backpacking through Europe for a month.

I have always wanted to backpack and had planned on taking a trip in January for a month. But when I found a new job opportunity at a different company I couldn't not apply. I was worried though. I had these plans, plans I was hell bent on keeping, and they were potentially in jeopardy because of a new career opportunity.

A few months earlier I happened to be listening to the Lively Show Podcast where the host, Jess Lively, had just embarked on an epic three month trip to Europe. What she didn't reveal initially was that a week before she was set to leave someone offered to buy her house.

The woman was leaving in a week and someone offered to buy her house! What!!?? She didn't know what to do (understandably). She consulted with friends and went over the decision again and again. Eventually, she decided that she would sell, if, and only if, the buyer would agree to a few conditions that would make Jess more comfortable. By agreeing to the conditions, it would be the confirmation Jess needed to go ahead with the decision and know it was the right decision.

The buyer agreed. The whole process flowed smoothly and Jess sold her house and felt good about it.

That is how I feel about my job and this trip. When I interviewed, I told them that I had a trip planned. But based on when they wanted me to start, my trip would be coming at the worst possible time. But I didn't want to give up on my  trip. I've been wanting this for as long as I can remember!

So, I laid out some conditions and decided that if this whole process flowed, and I still got the job and still got to travel, then it would be confirmation that I was making the right decision. And if not, then it wasn't the right move.

As you can guess, my conditions were met. And while I'm not going in January, I was able to move things around and I now leave next week to backpack through Europe for a month. The decision was easy once I felt comfortable, and everything flowed. I truly believe it was went to happen.

I have A LOT going on right now. Newly single. New apartment. New job. Backpacking trip through Europe.

And I am excited,terrified, anxious,stressed and completely overwhelmed.

I created this blog to talk about the real shit in life - the messy, sad, confusing, completely chaotic stuff that life brings. And right now my life is just that.

I'm tired of reading the summarized version of other people's pain and confusion. Your summary doesn't help me during my journey. So, I'm going to share my journey. The whole thing. Everything from the awesome museums I get to go to, to the creepy people I met, to how home-sick I am. Because that is what is going to happen. Because that is life.

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