May Roundup

I feel like I do this every month but OMFG how the F is it June!? Not just the month of June, but also the half way point in the 2017 calendar year! I don't know about you, but I have gotten approximately 2% of the things I wanted to do done. If that. 

Despite my complete underperformance thus far, June is a fun month for a few reasons. It's the start of summer and all things related to its warmth and rays. It's also a nice reset point. Even if you didn't get a ton accomplished in the first half of the year, June is the perfect time to re-evaluate and get motivated again. I have every intention of taking some time this Sunday (in between House of Cards episodes) to sit down and map out the rest of the year and what I am hoping to accomplish. More on this later. 

Anyway - some cool things from May are below! Enjoy! 


Pod Save America - Hosted by former White House staffers, this podcast comes out every Monday and Thursday and talks no bullshit news and politics. Spoiler Alert- They are liberal leaning and hilarious. If for nothing else, listen to the Ads. I'm serious - I should not be laughing and enjoying listening to an Ad for Blue Apron or Lyft as much as I do. 

Revisionist History - I've talked about Malcolm Gladwell's podcast before and have convinced many a friend to get into it. A podcast about giving certain moments in history a second look, make sure to catch up on Season One before the new season starts June 15th! 


Unroll.Me - You know all those stupid emails that clutter your inbox that you just delete? Yea, you should do something about them. Introducting This program (app?) connects to your email and allows you to select which emails you unsubscribe from, roll up into one daily email, or keep in your inbox. I love only getting one email with all my "junk" emails contained within it. It takes me half the amount of time to go through my email and keeps me a hell lot less stressed. 

 Sample of Unroll.Me email 

Sample of Unroll.Me email 

Audible - For anyone that has a decent commute, likes to read, or just doesn't want to carry a book you need to try audible. Audible is your one stop shop for audiobooks. I know when I first started I was a little skeptical. I like the feel of a book in my hand. I like to turn the pages. But I've come to really enjoy listening to books and have found that it gives me a different perspective when discussing some of them at book club. Look around the internet and you can usually find a free 30-day trial code. 

The Flight Deal - One of the many travel deal newsletters I subscribe to but one of the few I have actually bought from. You can't beat a daily email to your inbox of super cheap flights (mostly domestic but some international). I found my $300 round trip flights to Iceland through here! 

 Sample of The Flight Deal Email

Sample of The Flight Deal Email