Monthly Recap: May/June


Hey guys- I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted ::insert excuses here:: but here are a combo of May and June's recommendations and what I'm currently loving: Podcasts

The Lively Show - Hosted by Jess Lively, this podcast is "designed to uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your every day." Every week Jess hosts hour-ish long interviews with a variety of people on an array of topics from intention, to pleasure, to dating, to self worth and work. For being such a cynic, I can't help but be inspired and uplifted once I get finish one of her episodes. Now that's saying something.

Things to Do

Longwood Gardens- The most beautiful botanical garden. Period. Tulips are my absolute favorite, and Longwoods recently had most of their Tulips bloom. Needless to say I took about 100+ pictures.

Hot Chocolate Run - One of the best fun runs out there. If you are ever looking to do an easy 5k or a slightly longer run this is the run to do for 2 reasons.

1- Chocolate - At the end of the race (either 5k or 15k) you'll receive a mug that has the following in it:

  1. Cup of Hot Chocolate
  2. Hot Fudge/chocolate sauce
  3. Banana (to dip in the above hot fudge)
  4. Graham cracker (again, to dip in the above hot fudge)
  5. Pretzels (are you seeing a pattern?)

2- Swag Bag - Unlike most races where you might get a t-shirt that is sure to get dirty within a year or two, the Hot Chocolate races give you some serious swag. Every year they re-design a nice fleece/tech material jacket perfect for the in-between fall and spring season running. Bonus - if you run the 15k you get a medal as well.

Broad Street Run - The largest 10 milers in the country and in the city I call home this race goes straight down one of the major arteries of Philadelphia. The coolest thing about this race? The spectators. The ENTIRE course is littered with spectators from mile 1 - 10 which I've never experienced from any other race I've done. This year was especially awesome since it rained the entire day and people still came out in droves to cheer us crazy people on.



Billions - On Showtime staring Paul Giamatti, Damien Lewis and Maggie Siff about the US Attorney General (Giamatti) going after hedge fund king Bobby Axel Rod (Lewis) for his illegal insider trading. The problem? The Attorney General's wife (Siff) works for Axelrod. So. Good.

Narcos - On Netflix about the Pablo Escobar and how he came to power and how the FBI can't ever seem to catch him. Narrated by one of the cops on the case this series is gripping. Be prepared to binge this because you can't just watch one episode.