Obligatory New Years Post: 2017

Here we are again blah blah blah. New Years! Resolutions! Reflection! Listen, not that I don't love you dear reader, but I honestly don't care all that much about your New Years resolutions. And, I'm suspecting you don't give a shit about mine either which is perfectly understandable. 

So, instead of laying out a list of all the things I am telling myself I want to do, and you not reading them, or forgetting what I wrote five minutes after you read this, I want to pose a few questions to you. 

obligatory new years post.png

See, I typically write out a whole list of what I want to accomplish each year. Honestly, it's more of a check list than list of "resolutions." It is a long, seemingly never ending list of things I want, or probably more realistically, feel obligated to do. Visit X many new cities, read X many books, get a promotion etc. 

But this year, I just can't do it. I can't bring myself to make that kind of list. Thinking about it alone just stresses me out, and when I did attempt to write out some resolutions, half of the things I wrote I didn't even want to do. Do I really care about running two new races this year? No. Do I really need to read 25 books? No. And, let's be realistic, it probably won't happen anyway, so why put myself in a position to fail?  

That being said, I do need some sort of blueprint or vague outline to help guide me through the year. Some of my friends do the word thing where they pick a few generalized words to represent their year. Others don't make any resolutions at all. I need something in the middle. 

I came across this article on medium a few weeks ago and it really struck a chord. It isn't asking you to make a check list. And it isn't asking you to just pick one word (well, technically it does, but it's after some more thought provoking questions). The article asks you to answer six thoughtful questions. Question I think are specific enough to guide your year, but not too demanding to seem like a to-do list.

The questions:

1) What are 1-3 experiences I want to have in 2017?

2)What are 1-3 relationships I want to focus on deepening? 

3)What are 1-3 ways I'd like to get out of my comfort zone?

4)What are 1-3 ways I want to show care and love to myself?

5)How do I want to be feeling exactly a year from now?

6)What is the word or phrase for my year? 

What are your answers to these questions? Do they align with the resolution list you made?

We're already two days into 2017 - start it off grounded and in tune with what you really want out of your life and this year as oppose to some ridiculous list you could care less about. 

Happy 2017!

With love from Philly,