Simplicity: The Funny Places You Can Find Happiness


Tomorrow is National Simplicity Day (yes, that's apparently a thing). I don't need to make some big declarative statement about how we're all busy and need to enjoy the simple things in life more. We know. We've heard it all before. There are some people out there who are really great at making time for the simple pleasures in life. These people usually meditate, or do yoga, or practice mindfulness, or have a gratitude journal.

I don't have or do any of these (I know, I've been meaning to look into it...)

I, obviously, am not one of those people. I have a hard time stopping to smell the roses and appreciate the little things. I tend to rush through life, trying to get through an imaginary checklist and get from one milestone to the next. It's not until I stress myself to the point of having trouble breathing (yea, I know...not healthy...) that I finally slow down.

Recently though, I've made a conscious effort to notice some of those simple things that bring me joy. And I'll be honest, I was surprised by what I found. Frankly, it kind of made me laugh when I noticed it in real time. When I really took stock at what was making me happy on a daily or weekly basis, I found that:

It is often the simplest things in my life, the things that have always been a part of my life, that make me the happiest. 

Here are just some of the simple things that have made me smile (and giggle) lately:

  • Scented candles in my living room - I love walking into my apartment and it smelling like ocean breeze or fresh cotton. Those smells help transport me to a happy memory I associate with those smells and it makes my heart a little fuller
  • Old 90's music - Anytime a song that I used to listen to in high school comes on the radio I immediately get excited and smile. If you happen to drive by me, you'll probably see me banging on the steering-wheel and shouting the lyrics at the top of my lungs. There is so much nostalgia associated with these songs and I love the surprise of hearing them come on after today's most popular hits
  • My Summer Bathrobe - I don't know why but for some reason every time I put this robe on it makes me feel a little fancier and sophisticated as I get ready in the morning
  • Driving with my windows down - There is a sense of freedom and adventure that comes from driving with the windows down. It's my own personal mini escape every time I get in the car, and the wind in my face reminds me to be thankful for the warm weather and sun
  • A drink on my balcony - I have a tiny balcony at my apartment, and while small, I love being able to sit outside after a long day with a drink and just people watch. This outdoor space allows me to unwind and relax and you can't put a price on that in the city
  • Matching my bra and underwear - When I manage to put the extra effort into coordinating these items I feel more put together than usual which then makes me feel more like a bad ass. Bring it world.
  • Drinking coffee from a mug - I don't always make coffee on the weekend, but when I do, and I get to use one of the few mugs I do own, it always makes me feel a bit warmer, cosier, and like one of those girls you see on instagram or pinterest.
  • Using Conditioner- I'm not a girly-girl, so my shower routine is pretty simple. But when I feel like going the extra mile and using conditioner, I always feel a bit cleaner and a bit pampered
  • Actually using shaving gel to shave my legs - Again, I'm all about efficiency in the shower, and applying shaving gel is just a time suck. But when I do use it, my legs feel so much smoother and I feel sexier as a result

What simple things in your every day life have made you smile recently?