Update: Valentine's Day Is Still A Judgement Filled "Holiday"

A few years ago I wrote a piece for the Huffington Post titled "Why No One Wins On Valentine's Day." Frankly, I didn't even want to link to this piece because the writing is so terrible. 

But, three years later I re-read the piece (cringing the entire way) curious to see if my opinion had changed since growing up, having a bit more experience, and having matured a bit. Verdict? 

Valentine's Day Is Still Just A Day Of Judgement

Yes, three years later and my opinion has not really shifted (shocking, I know). I still very much believe that no matter how you play February 14th you will be subject to some sort of silent judgment. Frankly, Valentine's Day may be the most, (perhaps only) judgmental holiday of the year.

Think about it. No one has an opinion if you do or don't celebrate St. Paddy's Day, President's Day, or Arbor Day. No one is going to form an opinion of you, your relationship status, or overall emotional state and life choices on Easter or Labor Day.

Some people may think you are unpatriotic for not acknowledging Memorial Day or Veterans Day, but I have yet to see a post or hear someone comment that someone is a terrible American for not thanking our military, or going to a service on either of those days. 

Comments about someone's relationships? Or how a single girl (always girl by the way, never a guy) is probably "just bitter?"  on Valentine's Day? Yea, I've heard all those. 

Your significant other sent you flowers? Congratulations! Unless your person routinely sends surprise gifts you've just received an obligatory gesture of love dictated by social norms. Or, you not so subtly hinted that you would like something, which case this was not a surprise. 

What's that? You hate Valentine's Day because it's a ridiculous commercialized "holiday" overdone and void of substance? You're probably just bitter because you're single and alone. 

Not acknowledging Valentine's Day as a "holiday?" Well, aren't you the little rebel trying to go against the grain and be different. 

Oh, you're participating in that new "Galentine's Day" trend where sad single women get together with their girlfriends to try and forget their loneliness for a while? That's cute trying to make a positive out of a negative. 

See, no matter where you stand on Valentine's Day, there is a stereotype to be had and a box to be placed in. By the way, I don't say any of this thinking I am safe from this judgment. I have always been placed in the "aren't you the little rebel for not acknowledging Valentine's Day" camp.

I've gotten into arguments with former classmates about how I am just "trying to be different." I've been chastised in past relationships for "being bitter" and "why can't I just accept some god damn flowers." I was in a relationship and being called bitter!  

So, whether you are receiving chocolates from a partner in a loving relationship, or you are single and bitter, or you simply just don't give a shit that today is Tuesday, know that regardless of your stance you will still be judged by your sphere of aquaintences and everyone will form an opinion.

Happy Most Opinionated Holiday Day! <3