What The Breakfast Club Can Teach Us About How To Treat One Another Today

I published a short little article on Medium on my observations from watching "The Breakfast Club" on repeat this weekend. It's crazy how a movie from the 80's can have a message that still resonates today, and is probably more applicable and important than ever. 

A short excerpt: 

It doesn’t matter what socio-economic, religious, or ethnic background we come from, we all have shit to deal with. From the super trivial to the really hard stuff, everyone is dealing with something. Johnny has an abusive father. Claire has parents who use her as a revenge tool. Andy has a dad who is unnecessarily hard on him and his wrestling career. Brian has parents who pressure him to keep up his grades.

To John (who has the abusive father), Claire’s problems seem trivial. To Claire, Brian’s parents getting on him for his grades seems insignificant. Allison seems to be the most “messed up” yet has no good reason to be in detention on Saturday other than “she had nothing better to do.” But regardless of how we all perceive our own problems to be, we are all still fighting some battle, no matter how small or large, in our own way.

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